Message from the general manager

Our Group is going through exceptionally difficult times, as are all other economic players in Morocco and around the world. The health crisis has forced us to approach things differently and to realise that nothing is impossible. Therefore, we are adapting to these changes with resilience and benevolence, and looking forward to the future with optimism.


The 2022-2025 strategic plan of Groupe des Boissons du Maroc brings together ancestral expertise, invaluable human capital and a unique industrial facility that will allow us ALL TOGETHER to write down a new exciting chapter in the history of our Group.


We have succeeded in making this Group a flagship of the Moroccan economy thanks to the commitment, optimism and professional expertise of our employees across the Kingdom. These same values will enable us to achieve the goals we set for this new milestone marked by new dynamics, reorganisation, optimisation and innovation to meet the needs of our employees, customers, shareholders and all our public and private partners.


We are implementing our strategic plan and deploying all the necessary resources to overcome the challenges induced by this pandemic. We have passionate teams, cutting-edge production facilities, exceptional product portfolios and the recognition of our customers through brand loyalty.


We have a strong vision and ambition to be a key player in each of our core businesses, including brewing, winemaking, olive oil production, mineral water and local wine shops, thanks to our social responsibility and the impeccable quality of our products.


In this respect, the Group has been committed to a CSR approach since 2012. This approach is built around continuous quality improvement, sustainable development and the preservation of the environment and natural resources, which are a strategic concern for us and an important lever for value creation.


Sébastien Yves-Ménager – General Manager


  • 1,500 employees
  • 4 beer bottling units
  • 2 breweries
  • 1,500 hectares of vineyards
  • 1 wine conditioning unit
  • 600 hectares of olive groves
  • 1 unit of crushing and storage of olive oil
  • 2 585 000 KMAD of turnover in 2018