CSR Policies


Being part of Groupe des boissons du Maroc means also sharing its values that guide the individual and collective responsibilities of each of its employees.

Knowing our values and putting them into practice allows us to integrate and play a key role in supporting the Group’s strategy and making it a success. Our values are at the service of all our customers, both internal and external, as well as our partners.




Business Agility



Moreover, the rules which are recalled hereafter, are not intended to replace the laws and regulations in force or to modify them, but to give everyone, managers, collaborators or partners, elements of appreciation and references in the conduct of their own professional activities.

This ethical charter formalizes the Group’s common reference principles.


The Group carries on its activity and its profession in compliance with the law and respect of people.

In its internal operations, as in the exercise of its professional activities, the Group’s policy is to ensure equal opportunities for all its collaborators, men and women.

Recruitment and promotions are based solely on professional qualities.

The hierarchical authority cannot be used for purposes other than to ensure the proper functioning of the company.

Consequently, it will seek to exercise itself with measure and discernment, and cannot lead to any abuse of any kind.

The Group undertakes to respect the freedom of association and the exercise of the union right.


The administration of the company provides all the necessary safety and hygiene conditions for the preservation of employees well being and safety.

Health as well as physical and moral integrity of persons are a key concern of all the group’s directors and collaborators.

The company is committed to developing a transparent evaluation system that allows:

To carry out an assessment of the activities accomplished and the results obtained over a given period.

Define new negotiated objectives and action plans.

Manage the evolution of its human resources.

Develop clarity and transparency of interpersonal relationships.

The company undertakes to open a social dialogue in all its forms of negotiation, consultation, information and exchange, at any level whatsoever, between representatives of employees and those of employers on economic and social issues of common interest.

The company undertakes to reduce the abuse of atypical or precarious contracts and to take the necessary progressive measures for the integration of par employees under these types of contracts.


BMG Group (GBM) strives to support environmental improvement initiatives and reduce any negative impact on them.


Groupe des boissons du Maroc is a recognized professional in its sector of activity; it acts in a fair way respecting the rules of the healthy competition, and refuses to conclude any unlawful agreement with competitors, customers or suppliers.


Within the group, the employees are attentive to their clients and must define with them the methods of intervention that seem most appropriate for the success of the mission for which they are responsible. They must focus all their efforts on the achievement of the objectives previously and commonly defined.

The Group is also a loyal and committed partner alongside his clients.

The Group ensures the total satisfaction of its customers and the safety of its products and services in order to preserve the health of consumers.

We commit ourselves collectively and personally to promote and support all actions that, by entering into Total Quality Management, will enable us to achieve this objective and deliver products and services that meet the customer’s expectations by respecting rules of hygiene and safety.

SBM involves all its collaborators and customers on the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages in line with its CSR policy through all its means of communication:


Internally: its awareness program and signage

Externally: on the website, on the tags and during the awareness raising regarding the intended use of the product.


We must protect the confidentiality of the personal data of customers and consumers and only use the information that is brought to our knowledge as part of our missions.

SBM undertakes to respect this charter and to make it respected by each of its collaborators and partners. It will bring it to the attention of its staff and partners (temporary staff, suppliers, subcontractors) in written as soon as it comes into force.

In the event of any doubt as to how to proceed, it is up to everyone to consult the CSR Committee.

Casablanca, 15th of November 2017