Founded in 1919, Groupe des Boissons Du Maroc is a Moroccan company specialized in the production and distribution of soft drinks and beer.

1919 : Creation of the company Société des Brasseries du Maroc (SBM).
1948 : Creation of a subsidiary in Fes, Morocco Northern Brewery.
1953 : Takeover of the Tangier Brewery Company (SBT).
1966 : Development of the Water Pole (Sidi Harazem) with the stake it acquired in Sotherma.
1975 : Entry of the National Investment Company (SNI) into the capital of SBM during the Moroccanization.
1980 : Partnership signed with Heineken for Heineken and Amstel license.
1999 : Takeover of SBM's ONA Group through its participation in SNI.
2000 : Separation of Beer and Soft Drink activities, with the creation of the SCBG.

2003 : Takeover by the CASTEL Group through the Moroccan Investments and Services (MDI) of SNI's shares held in the capital of SBM. Sale of SCBG, Sotherma and CMB Plastic to refocus the group on its core business.
2004 : Creation of the Company Clé des Champs for the operation of Nicolas franchise in Morocco. Taking Participation in the Morocco's Vinification and Marketing Company (SVCM).
2010: Acquisition of E.A.E (Euro African Water Company) and launch of Ain Ifrane mineral water. Inauguration of the olive oil crushing plant.
2014: Merger of companies: Société des Brasseries du Maroc (SBM), Northern Breweries Company (BRANOMA) and Brewery Company of Tangier (SBT).
2018: The Group celebrates its 100th anniversary and is launching a new visual identity and new name, Groupe des Brasseries Du Maroc becomes Groupe des Boissons Du Maroc.