Ain Ifrane Water

Ain Ifrane, a natural mineral water born in the mountains of the region of Ifrane , far from any pollution and any industrial activity.

Its natural gushing through a very thick limestone layer, gives it exceptional mineral characteristics and unparalleled purity.
Discover the benefits of natural mineral spring natural water, to which we neither remove nor add anything, we just bottle it in optimal conditions of filtration treatment up to 0.2 micron. This eliminates all trace of impurity to the tiny bacteria and preserves all basic nutritional, hygienic, nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

ORIGINThe source Bensmim
The source Bensmim, takes its name from the small town of Bensmim, 3500 inhabitants, in the heart of the Middle Atlas, in the green mountains of the ``little Switzerland of Morocco``, Ifrane. The factory is precisely located 10 km from the city of Ifrane and 6 km from the city of Azrou, in a naturally rich landscape.


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