Located in the main producing region of Morocco, the Castel site of the combined grape varieties of Meknes is also the most efficient of the country.

Bonassia Blanc

Bonassia Rouge

Comtesse rouge

Grey Bonassia

Halana Blanc

Halana Rosé

Halana Rouge

Kasbah Blanc

Kasbah Rosé

Kasbah Rouge

Larroque blanc

Larroque gris

Kasbah Rouge

From the best vineyards of the foothills of the Middle Atlas, on the plateau of Saïs, in the valley of Meknes.
That's why the Carignan, Grenache, and Alicante varieties that compose it benefit from ideal climatic conditions: The Chergui wind, renowned for its strength, is a key element in obtaining the qualities so characteristic of KASBAH because it allows full maturity of the grapes and the concentration of aromas.
This wine will surprise you with its qualities and its powerful and fruity bouquet.
An ideal wine for rich cuisine: Burgundy beef, paella, barbecue grill, mechoui, couscous ...
Wine of the year, harvested by hand.
Prestigious wine, redesigned in 2013.
Blended wine and table wine.