Local wines

Located in the main producing region of Morocco, the Castel site of the combined grape varieties of Meknes is also the best performing of the country.

Bonassia Blanc

Bonassia Rouge

Comtesse rouge

Grey Bonassia

Halana Blanc

Halana Rosé

Halana Rouge

Kasbah Blanc

Kasbah Rosé

Kasbah Rouge

Larroque blanc

Larroque gris

Comtesse rouge

Beautiful dark ruby color, violet hues.
The nose offers aromas of red fruits and spices (liquorices, pepper and cloves).
On the palate, it reveals itself full, fleshy and fat with a beautiful roundness ending on empyreumatic notes.
Delicately woody, it will express vanilla and toasty aromas coated with velvety tannins.
It will go perfectly with roast or grilled meats, strong cheeses and typical Moroccan dishes.
Vintage wine, made from grapes harvested by hand.
Blend of three grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

BENI M'TIRLes Cépages Réunis
The vineyard of Meknes is located 130 km from the seaside, between the confraforts of the Atlas in the south and at the foot of Mount Zerhoun in the North. Its soil is conducive to the cultivation of the vine. 1100 ha spread over the two appellations of Beni M'tir (700 ha) and Guerrouane (400 ha) make up our vineyard.


Thanks to modern and efficient technical means, our site is the first vinification unit in Morocco to date.

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