The Euro-African Water Company (E.A.E), responsible for the exploitation of the original source of Bensmim located in the heart of the mountains a few kilometers from Ifrane. Natural pure water, light and balanced in trace elements, is conveyed to the bottling plant which is equipped with the latest generation of technical means to ensure a perfect control of the quality.


The water extraction is carried out directly from the source Bensmim through a completely stainless steel food pipe completely, thereby excluding any contact with ambient air, and preserving the integrity of the naturalness and mineral purity Ain Ifrane. No additives or chemical treatments are made to our Natural Mineral Water Ain Ifrane.


Bottling is done by gravity at a hundred meters from the source, in a latest generation bottling unit with ultra modern and suitable equipment for mineral water bottling. To ensure a consistent and irreproachable quality of the finished product, we implement 207 controls per day to ensure a safe product while preserving the benefits of Ain Ifrane natural mineral water to the consumer. The water that is consumed is in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.


In the bottling site, packaging follows several steps:


  • Blowing preforms
  • Filling
  • Labeling
  • Bundling for the creation of packs
  • Palletizing to facilitate the logistics